Safety Equipment Servicing

Allpipe Stoppers have a full product servicing and calibration network for the following equipment:

Gas Detectors from a wide range of manufacturers
Confined Space Escape sets from a wide range of manufacturers
Breathing Apparatus from a wide range of manufacturers
Cable Avoidance Tools & Signal Generators including the digital CAT3v models
Tripod Winch & Harnesses
Life jackets
Sea Marshall AU9 Emergency Personal Location BeaconsĀ 

Even for more obscure items please give us a call as the likelihood is that we'll know where to get your product serviced for you.

Allpipe Stoppers take product servicing and calibrations extremely seriously and will only use Approved, Qualified, Professional and trusted service providers. Products will be returned to you with full certifications and we will inform you when the item is due for recalibration or servicing.

    1. Same day emergency delivery services