Radiodetection 10, 5 & 1 Watt Digital Transmitters

RDTX Precision Signal Generators

Based on a fully digital platform, the family of Radiodetection transmitters has been designed to support the range of Radiodetection RD71000+ and RD81000 cable, pipe and RF marker locators*.

The Tx-1 is a low power transmitter. The Tx-5 has a higher power capability and the Tx-10 has the highest power capability. The Tx-5 and Tx-10 feature Fault Find as standard.

*Also supports the earlier RD7000 & RD8000 locators.

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  1. Cable Avoidance Tools
  2. Drain Maintenance
  3. Pipe Stoppers
  4. Manhole Cover Lifting
  5. Shuttering & Shoring
  6. Tripods & Winches
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