Manhole Cover Lifters

Allpipe sell a range of manhole cover lifters, from lightweight 2 person manual manhole cover lifting arms that are easily carried and transported to a heavy duty manhole cover lifter with pneumatic tires and a safe working Load of 3 tonnes which can be equipped with a caravan hook and towed behind a vehicle - ideal for locations where quick, safe access to a wide range of manhole covers is important.

  • 2 Man manual manhole cover lifting arms
  • 1 Man manual manhole cover lifter 
  • 1 Man lightweight hydraulic manhole cover lifter
  • 1 Man heavy duty hydraulic manhole cover lifter
  • 1 Man magnetic cover lifters 450 & 600kg Options*

*Available with either steel or aluminium frames

Hire Manhole Cover Lifters

We hire 1 man operation hydraulic manhole cover lifter, our hire fleet lifters are equipped with both Medium & Large T-keys and have a SWL of 3 tonnes.

We deliver / collect Nationwide.

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