Limited Access Rescue Stretchers

Neil Robertson Stretcher
Rescue Stretcher Sales

Allpipe supply rescue stretchers specifically designed for use with tripods and winches, confined spaces and where the casualty needs to be to be lowered or lifted vertically. 

Our confined space stretcher has been specifically design for use with our tripods and winches and the Neil Robertson rescue stretcher is used in industries such as mining through to the Royal Navy and is ideal for difficult or unconventional rescue situations.

The Neil Robertson stretcher is suitable for use in the construction, marine, offshore, defence, rescue services and emergency industries accross the world.

Both of the rescue stretchers are lightweight and easily stowed.

Rescue Stretcher Hire

In some instances it may be necessary for a rescue stretcher to be on standby at site, the Neil Robertson stretcher can be hired from us at £50.00 +VAT per week. 

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