Ground Equipment

Allpipe Stoppers sell and hire a range of ground equipment that includes:

Pipe Stoppers - a wide variety for almost any application
Tripod, Winch & Harnesses (see our Breathing Apparatus section for escape sets & gas detection)
Cable Avoidance Tools
Continuous Rodding Reels (cobras) & Drain Rods
Wooden Mandrills & Test Balls
Manhole Shutters / Manhole Keys & Wedges
Flexseal Couplings
Manhole Cover Lifters and Manhole Lifting Keys
Webslings & Lifting Chains
Manhole Ring Lifters

  1. Cable Avoidance Tools
  2. Drain Maintenance
  3. Pipe Stoppers
  4. Manhole Cover Lifting
  5. Shuttering & Shoring
  6. Tripods & Winches
  1. Same day emergency delivery services