Viking Helmet Divers Dress

Viking Helmet Divers Dress

Product Description

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Technical spec.



None fitted. Entry is through the shoulder and collar.


Not required. All air related functions are handled through helmet controls.


The standard boots are an extension of the leg, and formed over a metal foot former to provide the shape. Additional layers of textured rubber are added for durability. There is no additional outsole fitted to the DIVERS DRESS boots in order that they may be used in conjunction with heavy overboots.

Alternative Options:

Nitrile safety boots with steel toe cap & midsole, PVC non safety boots.


The chosen rubber collar is first of all mounted onto the DIVERS DRESS material, and then attached to the suit by stitching, taping and eventual vulcanisation. A drip collar made from soft material is also mounted inside the rubber collar.


Latex HD cuffs are fitted as standard.

Glove ring options:

In order to make the suit completely waterproof, it is possible to fit a rubber cuff ring system with fixed external rubber ring, and loose stiff plastic ring which holds the latex seal in place.

This system allows for the use of latex or rubber mittens or latex gloves.

Each suit comes supplied as standard with the following items:

Suspenders, carry bag, user manual, repair kit, zip care materials.


EN 14225-2:2005 + BIO micro organism approval + HZ chemical approval

Further Information

The Viking Diver Dress suit has been designed to replace aging canvas style Standard Diver Dress and the tough suit meets the demands of modern commercial diving including contaminated water diving.

Hard hat collars in black available for fitting to the Divers Dress Suits:

  • Siebe Garman / Karlskrona M/42 12 bolt
  • Desco 12 bolt
  • Yokohama
  • Drager 12 bolt
  • Drager 2 bolt
  • US Navy MK V Collar

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