Tripod, Fall Arrest Winch & Harness

Tripod, Fall Arrest Winch & Harness

Product Description

Fall Arrest winches are only suitable for situations where descent and ascent of a shaft, confined space or tank is possible by using supports such as ladders or scaffolding but where there is a chance that the person entering may need fall and retrieval assistance.

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Technical spec.

Tripod Safe Working Load: 250 kgs
Tested to EN795:1997
CE Marked to 0321

Fall Arrest Winch Conforms to EN360
CE marked to 0320
15 metre cable length 

Further Information

Each item from the fall arrest package can be purchased separately using the drop-down menu above, the last option from the drop-down menu is the complete package which is priced at £1246.95 +VAT

The complete package includes:
2 PersonTripod
15 meter fall arrest recovery winch c/w leg mounting kit
Rescue harness 

Use of a Fall Arrest winch for ‘Man riding’ purposes will weaken the cable, and may cause the winch to malfunction in a Fall Arrest situation. Once a winch has been used for this purpose, it will require re-calibration by service technicians.

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