External Manhole Shutters

External Manhole Shutters

Product Description

Allpipe sell adjustable external manhole shutters which are available on a 2 to 3 day delivery lead time. Our adjustable 2mm thick external manhole shutters are easy to assemble, light weight and if cleaned thoroughly after each use can be kept and re-used for years.

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Pricing on Request

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Combination & Univeral External Manhole Shutter Sets:

Combination Set = 4A, 2B and 1C panel, allowing all diameters from 675mm to 1800mm to be covered.

Universal Set = 6A, 2B and 1C panel, allowing all diameters from 675mm to 2700mm to be covered.

Heights Available:


Combination sets & Universal sets available.

Manhole shutters supplied in A Panels, B Panels & C Panels.

Please note: All manhole shutters over 1800mm diameter should be suitably braced.

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Further Information

Our external manhole shutters are available in 2 standard 1800 & 900mm heights; the universal set covering diameters from 675mm to 2700mm or the combination set from 675mm to 1800mm. A larger 2200mm high shutter is also available on special order.

900mm and 1800mm high units are available from stock, whilst 2200mm high shutters are made to order.

Shutters are supplied in either a combination set, universal set or as individual required diameters. The shutters are supplied in A panels, B panels and C panels, and are used in different combinations which cover a range of diameters.

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