RD1100 Ground Penetrating Radar

RD1100 Ground Penetrating Radar

Product Description

The RD1100 portable Ground Penetrating Radar is a highly competitive tool used for easily locating and identifying buried utilities including plastic water pipes.*

The Ground Penetrating Rader is designed for all terrain use and and manufactured from hard-wearing weather proof materials. 

*The RD1100 supercedes RD1000+ and the original RD1000 ground penetrating radar.

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Technical spec.

RD1000 Specifcations

Screen: 7.25˝ color LCD
Storage: Compact Flash card for recording snapshots and software upgrades
Dimensions: 97 x 110 x 70cm / 38 x 43 x 27in
Weight: 23kg (50lbs)

Further Information

The RD1100 is a rugged, portable ground pentrating radar ideal for the Utility Industry. Use the drop-down menu above to select the GPR with standard wheel set or GPR with large wheel set for use on rough or uneven terrain.

  • Ideal for Utility Surveyors & Technicians
  • £500.00 Software Package now included free!
  • Rugged design
  • Powerful underground mapping 
  • Unique Locate Mode
  • Easy operation 
  • Digital enhancement 
  • Integrated odometer 
  • Selectable depth up to 8 metres
  • User upgradable firmware
  • Ships in a single container
  • Can be set-up in 2 minutes once at site
  • Removes need for exploratory excavations
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