Radiodetection CAT 4

Radiodetection CAT 4

Product Description

Now Rail Track Approved, the latest Radiodetection high specification Cable Avoidance Tool.

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Technical spec.

Further Information

The new Cat 4 & Genny 4 is Designed to help locate further and deeper, including utility spurs, thanks to signal boost and simultaneous 33hz & 131hz dual frequency design. 

Familiar to operate the CAT4 retains the classic CAT & operational features.

The new CAT4 also sports Dynamic Overload Protection for when used in areas with high levels of electrical interference as found around substations & near high-voltage transmission cables which can overload sensitive electronics. 

Dynamic Overload Protection automatically filters this high electrical interference out, enabling C.A.T4 to continue locating where other Cable Avoidance Tools struggle.

Servicing: Allpipe offer highly cost effective annual calibrations for CAT4 cable avoidance tools. Please contact us for details and prices.  

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