Steel Pipe Stopper

Steel Pipe Stopper

Product Description

We manufacture a wide range of steel expanding pipe stoppers which are available for next day delivery. Made on our premisis large quantities of our expanding pipe stoppers are kept on the shelf.

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Technical spec.

Nominal Size Steel Range Outlet Size
25mm - 1” 22mm/27mm n/a
40mm - 1 ½” 36mm/48mm ½”
50mm - 2” 49mm/60mm ½”
65mm - 2 ½” 61mm/75mm ½”
75mm - 3” 73mm/85mm ½”
90mm - 3 ½” 85mm/95mm ½”
115mm - 4½” 110mm/120mm ½”
125mm - 5” 121mm/138mm ½”
140mm - 5 ½” 138mm/148mm ½”
175mm - 7” 170mm/195mm 1”
275mm - 11” 275mm/305mm 1”
325mm - 13” 315mm/350mm 1”
425mm - 17” 415mm/440mm 1”

Note: whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information we will not accept responsibility for any claims arising from errors or omissions in the interest of technical improvements or customer service. Allpipe reserves the right to introduce modifications to any of the products described without prior notice.  

Further Information

These stoppers are widely used for basic air testing and general sealing of pipes. Our steel expanding pipe stoppers are robust, relatively lightweight and easy to use, if maintained appropriately then they can be re-used indefinitely.

Click the Technical Spec tab for size & range information. 

Drain and sewer air test kits are also available for purchase from the drop-down menu.

All our steel pipe stoppers are provided with blanking caps, test nipples are included with the air test kits

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