PVC Air Bag Bungs

PVC Air Bag Bungs

Product Description

Allpipe sell from stock PVC air bag bungs which are ideal for use when light maintenance is required on a pipeline. PVC air bag pipe stoppers are durable and manufactured with peripheral ribs. Fitted with a schrader valve these bungs can be inflated with a bike or foot pump, a plastic hand inflator can be added to your cart via the drop-down menu.

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Technical spec.

Further Information

Use the drop-down menu above to select either 4", 6", 8 to 12" PVC bungs and buy online - you can also purchase a plastic hand inflator pump. 

In addition to the standard sizes that we stock, the following PVC air bag bung sizes are also available as a Special Order and usually can be delivered in 3 to 4 working days:

1" / 25mm PVC Bung
1.5" / 40mm PVC Bung 
2" / 50mm PVC Bung
3" / 75mm PVC Bung

Pressure Ratings:

PVC Air Bag bungs have a MAXIMUM internal inflation pressure of 1 bar, the MAXIMUM back pressure these bungs can hold back is 0.5 bar (7 Psi).

The bung should be inflated slowly in the pipe ensuring the pipe wall is clean & free of debris to prevent damage to the product.

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