Scott Promask Sil Respirators

Scott Promask Sil Respirators

Product Description

The Scott Promask full face respirator has been computor designed to ensure breathing resistance is kept to a minimum and so is comfortable for long wearer use.

  • Made from hypo-allergenic silicon
  • Soft & comfortable for long use 
  • Yellow safety colour
  • Clear mask inner
  • Side filter port situated on the left
  • We stock tear-off visor covers for the Promask
Prices from £118.20 Inc VAT (£98.50+VAT)

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Further Information

Scott Promask

The Promask full face mask respirator can be bought online:

  • On it's own so you can buy any filter type seperately.
  • Promask respirator mask with a single PF10 P3 Particle filter (suitable for use with dust particles, asbestos, bacteria & microbes).
  • Promask respirator mask with a single GF22 A2 filter for Gas & Vapours from organic compounds (i.e solvents) with a boiling point above 65 degrees C.
  • Promask respirator with a single CF22 A2-P3 filter for Particles AND Gas & Vapours from organic compounds (i.e solvents) with a boiling point above 65 degrees C.
  • Promask with ABEK2P3 filter which offers protection against a very wide range of organic & inorganic gases, vapours, acids & particles (not mercury).

The Scott Promask can also be used in conjuntion with the Proflow & Autoflow powered air units <<Click Here>>

Why not buy your own Scott Promask for regular use and hire our powered air unit to use with it when required? Call us for details.

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