Vision Full Face Respirators

Vision Full Face Respirators

Product Description

Allpipe supply high quality respiratory protection equipment designed for long use, comfort and which offers the user a very high field of vision.

Suitable for use in a range of industries from oil, gas & utilities servicing to groundworks, agriculture and pharmaceutical.

The unpowered respiratory protection equipment can be fitted with a range of different filters to best suit the environment and hazards within it.

Click the Technical Spec tab for user considerations.

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Technical spec.

Please see our Filter Section for the breathing filters available and a comprehensive list of substances from which they will protect. 

The Vision 4000 respirator can be fitted with filters to suit a wide range of applications and include respiratory protection against:

Organic Gases & Vapours
Inorganic Gases & Vapours
Sulphur Dioxide & Acidic Gases
Vapours Ammonia & Organic Ammonia & Derivatives
Nitrogen Oxides e.g NO, NO2, NOx
Mercury Vapours
Carbon Monoxide
Radioactive Iodine Particles

Whilst using negative pressure masks and filters ensure you understand the type, property & composition of the contaminant. Ensure oxygen content of the inhalation air is greater than 18% (this can vary in different countiries).

When consindering working in tanks with negative pressure respirators please consider:

What was previously in the tank?
How long has it been empty?
Is it ventilated?
If so how long has it been ventilated for?
What work is being undertaken in the tank and what chemicals may be used within the tank?


Further Information

 The Vision full face mask respirator can be bought online:

  • On its own so you can buy any filter type seperately.
  • Vision full face mask with a single PF10 P3 Particle filter (suitable for use with asbestos).
  • Vision mask with a single GF22 A2 filter for Gas & Vapours from organic compounds (i.e solvents) with a boiling point above 65⁰ C.
  • Vision mask with a single CF22 A2-P3 filter for Particles AND Gas & Vapours from organic compounds (i.e solvents) with a boiling point above 65⁰ C.
  • Vision mask with ABEK2P3 filter which offers protection against a very wide range of organic & inorganic gases, vapours, acids & particles (not mercury).

The Vision 4000 face mask has a phenomenal 98% field of vision whilst the face seal is of a Liquid Silicone Rubber to ensure user comfort when donned for extended periods.

The Vision 4000 visors are hard coated to for protection against solvent and scratches and can be easily replaced. The filters will sit low and close to the face for optimal weight distribution and ease of breathing.
NOTE: M/L & M refer to Medium Large & Medium sizes for the Vision face mask. 

The Vision full face mask respirator can also be used with the Proflow C powered air unit also available to buy from us. 
The Vision 4000 respirator can also be used in conjuntion with the Proflow powered air unit <<Click Here>>

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