M95 Military NBC Gas Mask

M95 Military NBC Gas Mask

Product Description

This M95 single filter full face respirator has been developed to suit operations by Police, Armed Forces & Civil Defence.

The respirators dual lenses combined with a low profile design provide a wide field of vision and is compatible with tactical equipment used in field operations such as protective clothing including safety helmets and riot control shields.

Pricing on Request

Further Information

M95 NBC Respirators
  • Low profile
  • Scratch resistant and distortion free lenses
  • Low breathing resistance 
  • All facepiece materials have excellent fire-retardant properties 
  • Replaceable parts are colour coded to highlight vital components for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Easy to decontaminate


The facepiece is manufactured from specially engineered halo-butyl elastomer for enhanced resistance to known chemical and biological warfare agents.

A special small size silicone inner mask reduces the CO2 content to a minimum and provides a non-allergic fit. The unique positioning of the exhalation valve canal provides continuous drainage.

The facepiece has 40mm thread filter connections on both sides of the mask to allow users to facilitate left or right handed operation.

N.B Official Declarations & End User Agreements will need to be completed before this respirator can be purchased.  

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