Neil Robertson Stretcher

Neil Robertson Stretcher

Product Description

The tried and tested Neil Robertson rescue stretcher is designed for use in instances where the
casualty needs to be lowered or lifted to safety.

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Technical spec.

Weight: 8 kg
Length: 150 cm
Width Folded: 31 cm
Minimum Length: 150 cm

Further Information

The Neil Robertson rescue stretcher is widely used by the Royal Navy, Mines, Factory and Emergency Rescue Services.

The lightweight, cost effective rescue stretcher is easily stowed and suitable for both confined space and  rescue at heights. 

  • Constructed from spliced, ramin slats with a tough, rot proof cotton exterior. 
  • Strong and supportive head restraints offer stability to the head when vertical lifting is necessary.
  • Features cotton straps with buckle and regularly spaced eyelets which assist in holding the casualty safely in place.
  • Support ropes manufactured from durable manila enhance rescuer confidence and offer a high degree of resistance to chafing.
  • An optional carrying bag is available for convenient storage of the stretcher when not in use.

The Neil Robertson stretcher can be hired from us at £50.00 +VAT per week

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