Pilot Life-raft for Aviation Industry

Pilot Life-raft for Aviation Industry

Product Description

Allpipe supply pilot liferafts that have been specifically designed for use in the aviation industry for light-aircraft. The pilot liferaft can accommodate 4 to 6 persons, is self-contained in one bag, easily stowed and comes with an array of survival tools.

Pricing on Request

Further Information

Equipment that comes as standard with the pilot lfe raft as follows:

  • Top-up pump
  • Bailer 
  • Hand-Flares 
  • Sea-Sickness tablets 
  • Paddle 
  • Signal Mirror 
  • Leak stoppers 
  • Sea Anchor 
  • Safety Knife 
  • Rescue line and Quoit

The liferaft also includes: external lifelines, high intensity rescue beacon, boarding ladder, approved single cylinder inflation system and large capacity water pockets for high stability. 

The equipment weighs 12 kgs and when stowed in its bag measures 30cmx60cmx15cm.

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