ABA Very High Pressure Test Plugs

ABA Very High Pressure Test Plugs

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The Allpipe ABA Range of high pressure test plugs have been designed to withstand extreme back-pressures and range from 1/2" size / 446 bar back-pressure to 42" size / 60bar back-pressure (max. back-pressures will depend on material & thickness of pipe).

Please contact us for details on these high pressure test plugs, in order to ascertain whether these products will be suitable for your purposes we will need some information from you:

  • What Material is the pipe which the plugs are being used in?
  • What is the pipe ID?
  • What is the wall thickness of the pipe?
  • What is the duration of the test?
  • What is the purpose of the test?

Please Note:

As you would expect these stoppers can come with an interesting price tag so serious enquiries only please.



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