VPS Gas Tight Suit - Special Offer

VPS Gas Tight Suit - Special Offer

Product Description

Due to a cancelled order at the Trellchem factory we have a number of VPS fully encapsulated gas tight suits available that are being sold as a clearance item at just £575.00 +VAT each, down from £1664.00 +VAT.

Unused and in brand new condition the gas tight suits manufactured in 2013 are equipped with socks attached meaning an operative with any size foot can wear the suit with suitable protective boots over the top. Each suit has 2 vents in the back of the hood only.

Please Note the images shown of the suit are of the actual suit you would be receiving.

Prices from £690.00 Inc VAT (£575.00+VAT)

Price Includes UK Mainland Delivery

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Further Information

These gas tight suits are equipped with highly chemical resistant heavy duty Viton Butyl gloves.

The VPS gas tight suit is hightly versatile suit with excellent chemical resistance and durability, both for the hazmat team and for the industrial user. Certified to the toughest standard in Europe and with an extensive reference list, it is one of the most popular suits in the Trellchem® gastight suit range.

  • An all-round suit
  • Exceptional buying price - once the stock has gone it will not be repeated.
  • Short lead times, quick delivery wherever you are.
  • Excellent permeation times
  • Durable
  • Standards: EN 943-1, EN 1073-2, EN 14126, SOLAS

All size suits currrently in stock - but please note there is only a limited amount of each size. Allow 5 to 10 working days for delivery however if your requirement is urgent please let us know and it is likely we can improve upon this.

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