Fuel Spillage Sump

Fuel Spillage Sump

Product Description

Fuel Spillage Sump

The Allpipe Stoppers & Ground Equipment Fuel Spillage Skeletank is a revolutionary fuel spillage sump which can be used as part of a refuelling compound on construction sites, refuelling stations at bus / train depots and heavy haulage yards.

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Technical spec.

Using the images on this web-page the numerics represent the following:

1. 20mm single size gravel on HD300 geotextile panel (provided with the Fuel Spillage Skeletank) 
2. Skeletank oil interceptor soakaway with permafilter® sudstex oil retaining geotextile layer
3. Water level control sump

Once at the water level control sump the treated water overflows to a gravel soakaway or HPSC (high performace soakaway conduit).

The Allpipe Fuel Spillage Skeletank eliminates the need for regular tanker visits to remove trapped contaminated rainwater as the Permafilter geotextile has special fibres that have oleo phobic / hydrophilic properties which trap the hydrocarbons but allow rainwater to pass through.

In aerobic circumstances the entrapped hydrocarbons are then bio-degraded by naturally occurring micro-organisms providing a self-cleaning mechanism.

It can also be used for the refuelling of small plant such as generators and compressors see Compressor & Generator Nappy and can be used for the storage of Outdoor Oil Drum Storage

Further Information

Situated in the centre of a refuelling bund this system will intercept, retain and treat low concentrations of hydrocarbons via a Permafilter oil retention & treatment geotextiler layer whilst allowing the surface water run-off to pass through and soak away.

Click the Technical Spec tap for more details.

This product can be bought online, the package includes the 1450x735x315 Skeletank with Geo textile layer and the Level Control Treatment Sump. You will need to buy a 4" UPVC drainage coupling to the length you require. UK mainland delivery is included.

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