Elsa Sprint Escape Set - Positive Pressure

Elsa Sprint Escape Set - Positive Pressure

Product Description

Allpipe sell the Positive Pressure Elsa Sprint escape sets. The Elsa Sprint is available to buy in both 10 and 15 minute versions. 

Prices from £510.00 Inc VAT (£425.00+VAT)

Price Includes UK Mainland Delivery

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Further Information

ELSA Sprint positive pressure escape breathing apparatus
1 x High vizability orange PVC carry bag
1 x Pressure reducing valve
1 x Automatic positive pressure demand valve
1 x Positive pressure black neoprene facemask & net head harness
1 x 400 litres breathing air giving a rated duration of 10 minutes*
1 x 600 litres breathing air giving a rated duration of 15 minutes*

Durations calculated using an average wearer consumption rate of 40 litres per minute. Cylinders are CE approved.


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