Civic Chemical Hood

Civic Chemical Hood

Product Description

This Escape Hood is Discontinued - see Drager Parat 7520 for an alternative with additional protection againstĀ  carbon monoxide

Allpipe supply Civic Chemical hoods for self-rescue during accidents involving chemical gases as well as highly toxic particles, bacteria's and viruses.

Ideal for emergency use in chemical, nuclear and transport sectors.

Multi-purpose filter ABEK P15 protects against the majority of hazardous gases and vapours and highly toxic and radioactive particles, bacteria and virus.

Prices from £144.00 Inc VAT (£120.00+VAT)

Price Includes UK Mainland Delivery

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Further Information

Emergency Chemical Hood

  • highly chemically resistant visor & hood.
  • Quick donning due to the self-adjusting strap.
  • Automatic seal round the neck alowing no leakage.
  • Equipped with orinasal half mask with excellent sealing features.
  • One size fits from 12 years of age to full adult size.
  • Long storage time of 10 years.
  • Plastic storage wall-mounted box.

N.B the Civic Chemical Hood does not protect against carbon monoxide (CO).

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