10 Minute Escape Set - Constant Flow

10 Minute Escape Set - Constant Flow

Product Description

Constant Flow Elsa 10 & 15 Minute Escape Sets are used in the event of the air in a confined space or potentially hazardous zone becoming harmful.

Whether working underground, in a tunnel, shaft or a vessel at sea the Elsa 10 & 15 minute escape set will provide you with clean, breathable air to allow time for a safe evacuation of the area.

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Technical spec.

Elsa Dash constant flow Emergency Life Saving Apparatus to EN1146
1 x High vizability orange PVC carry bag & universal pictogram instructions
1 x 3 litre, 200 bar steel cylinder CE specification
1 x Combined pressure reducer & cylinder valve assembly
1 x Cuboid hood & neck seal
Automatic activation of valve upon opening of bag

ELSA Sprint positive pressure escape breathing apparatus
1 x High vizability orange PVC carry bag
1 x 3.0 litre, 200 bar CE steel cylinder
1 x 600 litres breathing air giving a rated duration of 15 minutes*
1 x Pressure reducing valve
1 x Automatic positive pressure demand valve
1 x Positive pressure black neoprene facemask & net head harness

* 15 minute duration calculated based on average wearer consumption rate of 40 litres p/minute.
Apparatus weight 5.6kg

Further Information

Elsa constant flow escape set - MED Approved and suitable for use by personnel with spectacles and beards.

Call 01603 489 260 to Hire our Escape Sets
Need to hire a 10 minute escape set? We can deliver single or multiple units to you on a next-day Nationwide delivery service.

As well as being able to buy online we have a large hire fleet of 15 minute hooded escape sets which are available at £95.00 +VAT p/week for a single unit with concessions for multiple units. 

NOTE: Constant flow hooded escape sets are only suitable for use for escape purposes and self rescue.

In addition to the Elsa escape set we also sell the Positive Pressure Elsa Sprint 15 Minute escape sets, for full details on all the escape sets we supply please click the Technical Spec tab. 

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