Chemical Gauntlet Gloves

Chemical Gauntlet Gloves

Product Description

Allpipe sell Catagory 3 nitrile and PVC chemical gauntlet gloves ideal for use in chemical, oil, food and industrial cleaning industries. 

Ideal for use in conjuntion with our chemical overalls and respiratory protection equipment.  

Prices from £21.54 Inc VAT (£17.95+VAT)

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Further Information

Chemical Resistant Gauntlet Gloves to EN420, EN388, EN374

Nitrosafe Chemical Gauntlet - Nitrile and cotton manufacture, flocklined with cotton for added comfort and textured palm and finger pattern for added grip. Available in M, L & XL sizes (specify sizes required at check-out)

  • £17.95 for 1 pair
  • £7.95 each for 5 pairs
  • £5.95 each for 10 pairs 

Double Dipped PVC 45cm Gauntlet Glove - Heavy duty chemical gauntlet with sandy palm finish for extra grip and jersey lined for wearer comfort. Available in XL size.

  • £18.95 for 1 pair
  • £8.85 each for 5 pairs
  • £6.95 each for 10 pairs

Please contact us if you would like to purchase different quantities to above.  

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