Hire Cable Avoidance Tools

Hire Cable Avoidance Tools

Product Description

Hire a CATScan Cable Avoidance Tool with Depth Indication: Allpipe Ground Equipment hire cable avoidance tools, our hire fleet CATscan D tools provide both a sound reading & you also get a digital display with depth indication.

CATscan D Cable Avoidance Tool can also be hired with the CATscan 33hz signal transmitter (genny) and there are options for hiring a COBRA reel and sonde (sometimes called a mouse) for tracing sewers, clay pipes, plastic pipes and the such where you have access to insert the COBRA reel and sonde so that you can trace from above.

Please Note: For tracing plastic water pipes contact your Local Water Authority, for gas pipes contact your local Gas Board, for fibre optic cables contact British Telecom.

Pricing on Request

Technical spec.

33hz Cable Avoidance Tool
Visual Depth Indication
Signal Strength
Battery Percentage
Mode Selector (Power, Radio, Generator)
Fine Tune Control
OLED Visual Display Panel

33hz Signal Transmitter (Genny)
Earth stake
Direct Connection Leads
100mm Signal Clamp

6.7mmx100 COBRA Reel
Includes Sonde Attachement
Sonde Options:
20mm Sonde up to 3.5m Depth
38mm Sonde up to 5m Depth 

Further Information

Call us on 01603 489 260 to book your hire equipment.

  • Weekly Rental Prices:

a) CATScan D Cable Avoidance Tool: £50.00 +VAT p/week

b) CATScan D Cable Avoidance Tool+Genny: £65.00 +VAT p/week

c) CATScan D Cable Avoidance Tool+COBRA* & 20mm Sonde: £95.00 +VAT p/week

d) CATScan D Cable Avoidance Tool+COBRA* & 38mm Sonde: £95.00 +VAT p/week

e) CATScan D Cable Avoidance Tool+Genny+COBRA* & 20mm Sonde: £115.00 +VAT p/week

f) CATScan D Cable Avoidance Tool+Genny+COBRA* & 38mm Sonde: £115.00 +VAT p/week

*Our Hire Fleet COBRA Reels are 6.7mm x 100metres.

Choose from a Slim Sonde with a 20mm diameter for tracing depths of up to 3.5 metres or a standard sonde with a diameter of 38mm for tracing up to depths of 5 metres. Genny supplied with 100mm Signal Clamp.

  • Carriage Costs:

Carriage Option 1:
Collection & Delivery of equipment is £12.50 +VAT each way so £25.00 +VAT in total; this covers delivery to any UK mainland destination and where possible equipment will be dispatched on a next-working day (overnight) delivery. These deliveries can arrive any time of the day up until 5:30 pm.

Carriage Option 2:
By 09:00 am Delivery: £20.00 +VAT (32.50 +VAT inc. Collection)

Carriage Option 3:
By 10:00 am Delivery: £20.00 +VAT (32.50 +VAT inc. Collection)

Carriage Option 4: 
Saturday Deliveries: £25.00 +VAT (37.50 +VAT inc. Collection)

Long Term Hire: Please contact us for a long term hire quotation.

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