CATscan V Cable Avoidance Tool- Basic Visual Display

CATscan V Cable Avoidance Tool- Basic Visual Display

Product Description

CATscan V Cable Avoidance Tool is the next level up from CATscan S offering the user additional visual confirmation of the readings through a display panel. the OLED (organic light emitting diode) display panel has been designed to give clear readings whilst minimising battery consumption.

CATscan V is available for purchase on its own or with signal transmitter (genny).

Prices from £546.00 Inc VAT (£455.00+VAT)

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Further Information

CATscan V utilises CAL-LOCK - Scanner will lock 1 month after calibration due

CATscan V specification:

33hz Cable Avoidance Tool
Signal Strength
Battery Percentage
Mode Selector (Power, Radio, Generator)
Fine Tune Control
OLED Visual Display Panel

Signal Transmitter (Genny)
Earth stake
Direct Connection Leads
Live Plug Connector (optional accessory)
Signal Clamp (optional accessory)

Hire Cable Avoidance Tool

Please Note: For tracing plastic water pipes contact your Local Water Authority, for gas pipes contact your local Gas Board, for fibre optic cables contact British Telecom.

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