1.5 Bar Blank Inflatable Pipe Stoppers

1.5 Bar Blank Inflatable Pipe Stoppers

Product Description

1.5 Inflatable pipe stoppers are used to seal a wide range of pipes from concrete and clay to plastic and ductile iron.

Ideally suited for circumstances where back-pressures or flow rates are up to 0.5 bar.

0.5 bar = 5 Metres Head of Water (0.49 Atmospheres ref subsea use).

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Technical spec.

Nominal Size Range Max allowable back pressure Nominal weight
100/200 100mm 200mm                0.5 bar        1.1kg
200/400 200mm 400mm                0.5 bar        3kg
300/500 300mm 500mm                0.5 bar         4.4kg
350/600 350mm 600mm                0.5 bar         8kg
500/800 500mm 800mm                0.5 bar         10.9kg
500/1000 500mm 1000mm             0.5 bar         35kg
500/1200 500mm 1200mm             0.5 bar         50kg

Further Information

Our blank inflatable pipe stoppers are manufactured from natural rubber and available to buy online, all of our inflatable stoppers can be manufactured to order in a nitrile or neoprene finish - please contact us for a quotation if you would like the stopper to incorporate either of these finishes.


Suitable bracing should be used with inflatable pipe stoppers at all times.

Back pressure values are valid in concrete pipes and properly braced or supported configurations. 

Hire or buy a 1.5 bar compressor inflation controller & 10 metres of hose from us.

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