2.5 Bar Blank Inflatable Pipe Stoppers

2.5 Bar Blank Inflatable Pipe Stoppers

Product Description

2.5 Inflatable pipe stoppers are used to seal a wide a range of pipes from concrete and clay to plastic and ductile iron.

Ideally suited for circumstances where back-pressures or flow rates are presant up tp 1 bar.

1 bar = 10 Metres Head of Water (0.97 Atmospheres ref subsea use).

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Technical spec.

2.5 Bar Blank Inflatable Pipe Stopper Information:

Internal Pipe Dia Range        Max. Allowable back-pressure       Weight
35mm - 70mm                     1 bar                                           
50mm - 100mm                   1 bar
70mm - 150mm                   1 bar
100mm - 200mm                 1 bar 
150mm - 300mm                 1 bar
200mm - 400mm                 1 bar 
300mm - 600mm                 1 bar
500mm - 800mm                 1 bar
600mm - 1000mm               1 bar 
1000mm - 16000mm            1 bar 

Further Information

Our blank inflatable pipe stoppers are manufactured from natural rubber and available to buy online, all of our inflatable stoppers can be manufactured to order in a nitrile or neoprene finish - please contact us for a quotation if you would like the stopper to incorporate either of these finishes. 


Suitable bracing & precautions should be used with inflatable pipe stoppers at all times.

Back pressure values are valid in concrete pipes and properly braced or supported configurations. 

Hire or buy a 2.5 bar compressor inflation controller & 10 metres of hose from us.

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