Product Safety

Allpipe vs Sewer Flusher

Exercise extreme caution and ensure personnel have adequate training to use the equipment on this website.

Respiratory Protection
Many of the products on this website will be used in potentially hazardous conditions and many of the products are used for emergency escape use - remember you should always be looking to avoid entry into a confined space. 

Full breathing apparatus, powered air and negative pressure respirators could be used by personnel entering a zone with a known hazard within; ensure all users of the equipment have adequate training and that the filters selected (if applicable) offer suitable protection. A Filter Download Table is available in the Filter, Full Face Mask, Half Face Mask & Powered Air sections for guidance.

Note not all filters can be used with all types of negative pressure / powered air breathing apparatus.    

Powered and negative pressure respirators with filters should be used only if the oxygen content is 18 - 23% vol. Gas filters do not protect against particles and particle filters do not protect against gases or vapours: if in doubt use combined filters. 

Pipe Stoppers
The different pipe stoppers that we sell and hire will be able to withstand greatly varying back-pressures, be sure to know what the back-pressures are and ensure the stopper you have is suitable for the task at hand. Always ensure pipe stoppers are suitably braced and supported and that personnel have adequate training. 

The following equipment will be sent out with certifications:

Man Riding Winches
Fall Arrest Winches
Gas Detectors
10 and 15 Minute Escape Sets
Rescue Harness
Manhole Cover Lifting Pins
Cable Avoidance Tools
Manhole Cover Lifters
Life Jackets
Marine Firefighting Suits
If you have any queries or questions please do not hesiate to contact us. 

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