Emergency Delivery Service

Emergency Same Day Delivery Service

If you're really Up The Creek and feel you may need this service - Read On:-

Whether it has been for commercial seafaring vessels unable to leave port or ground workers unable to enter a confined space due to missing breathing apparatus or safety equipment, Allpipe has organised the equipment & last minute same day transportation to solve the problem.

If you feel that you need this service please contact us with the following information:

i) What equipment is required?
ii) The location the equipment is required?
iii) What is your deadline for receiving the equipment?

Step 2: We will carry out a feasibility assessment and revert back to you within 1 hour with what we are able to supply, an ETA and a price. Note: often a combination of buying and hiring equipment may have to be used.

Step 3: Before any equipment is hired, purchased and the effort undertaken we must receive payment in full unless Special Circumstances apply.

Note: Equipment may have to be moved over long distances or where large quantities are required the equipment may have to be collected from multiple locations.

Despite our best efforts, assessment and Estimated Time of Arrival there is no guarantee that the equipment will arrive in time. Once activated there are no refunds available. In most instances you will be able to track the progress and whereabouts of your equipment via a GPS link which we will send you by email.

Our Emergency Same Day Service is activated entirely at your own discretion.

The telephone number to reach us on is: +44 (0) 1603 489 260.

Note: This is a daytime service, Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

Equipment we have moved to date includes:

  • 10 minute escape sets
  • Full breathing apparatus equipment
  • Tripods, winches & harnesses
  • Gas detectors
  • SOLAS Lifejackets
  • Pipe Stoppers


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